The New York-based shoe store Leffot has done an awesome collaboration with Edward Green, the legendary mill Fox Brothers and tailor Justo Gimeno. Using a number of Fox tweed fabrics for matching shoes, caps and jackets, including Edward Green Galway boots with shafts in the lovely fabrics.


This project has already been highlighted by Justin of The Shoe Snob Blog and some other sources online, but it’s just so good, so deserves as much attention as possible. It’s just the type of collaborations and projects that we need to see more of in the dress shoe world (I know it’s boots here, but Edward Green and Leffot surely qualifies in the dress shoe category), unique and limited edition stuff, special things that can get the pulse up on the most blasé shoe nerds. As I’ve written about  before, here our “sphere” of the shoe industry can learn from the workwear boots and sneaker segments, where these type of things and similar stuff is common.


The most sturdy of the four Galways, in Iron waxed commando leather and Woodland tweed.

Leffot, with their physical store in West Village in New York, and a large online store, is one of the pioneers of the multi-brand quality shoe stores. Now with this collaboration they’ve done three versions of Edward Green’s classic boot model Galway, where the shaft is made of different, unique tweed fabrics from Fox Brothers. One in brown Hatch grain and Bramble tweed, one in black Delapre leather and Smoke tweed, one in Army green suede and Forest tweed, and my favourite in Iron waxed commando leather and Woodland tweed. All on the round toe 82 last, and on different types of rubber soles. All highly wearable boots, yet certainly with their own character. Price is €1,400 ($1,675). And then, to match with these there’s classic eight panel caps made by Fox and jacket-overshirt crossovers by Spanish brand Justo Gimeno in the same tweed fabrics as used for the shoes. Orders for all products are open until August 31, and delivery is expected in November.


Hatch grain and Bramble tweed.


All four versions are made on the classic round toe last 82.

Tweed is a versatile fabric.

Tweed is a versatile fabric.


Part of the collection are also these sport coat-overshirt crossovers by Justo Gimeno.


Plus cool caps.

Armoury green.

Army green suede and Forest tweed. All pictures: Leffot